Saturday, December 24, 2005

The Song of the Angels

The artist who painted this piece, William Bouguereau, is my favorite Western artist. The Song of the Angels depicts the infant Jesus sleeping on the lap of Mary, his mother, while angels serenade him with their music. The spiritual reality depicted by the painting is that the living God who created all things in existence and who fills the whole universe humbled himself, taking on human flesh and coming into the world as a child. Christ is seated upon his throne, the Theotokos ("the God-bearer") who gave birth to him, surrounded by the heavenly hosts who worship him unceasingly.

You may see a larger version of The Song of the Angels on the Wikipedia website with another of Bouguereau's paintings, The Virgin With Angels, reflecting the same theme. The Seated Madonna is available on the Art Renewal Center website. (These images are in the public domain.)