Saturday, March 18, 2006

Resource: Political Commentary Worth Considering

We are citizens of the kingdom of heaven, the divine dominion where Christ is King, but right now we are also living as legal residents in the world, a place where human politics influences society and culture. In a healthy society and culture, the Faith shapes politics.

Several days ago I heard a commentary on National Public Radio (NPR) by Rod Dreher, author of the new book, Crunchy Cons. He identifies crunchy conservatives as those who value family over career, small businesses more than "big business," and living in traditional communities instead of manufactured developments. They are ecology-minded conservationists who eat organic foods. They hold to values that are both counter-cultural and traditional, tend to educate their children at home, reject consumerism, and place their religious faith at the center of their lives.

I don't identify myself as either liberal or conservative. I'm an Orthodox Christian. Our Faith transcends general political labels, parties, and platforms. I'm not interested in reforming a political party, but I am interested in living the Orthodox Christian way of life in America. Several of the ideas identified with the crunchy conservative ideology is also part of the Orthodox Christian worldview. I'm not offering an endorsement of a political party or ideology, but I like the idea of a political movement inspired, influenced, and shaped by spiritual values that are in harmony with, or at least sympathetic to, our way of life.

Rod Dreher's commentary and an excerpt from his book are available on the NPR website ( To listen to his commentary, click on the red button at the top of the page, just under the heading. You can read his Crunchy Con blog on National Review Online. Our own Frederica Mathewes-Green, an Orthodoxy Christian author and commentator, contributes to the blog. I'm glad there's an Orthodox voice in the ongoing discussion.

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