Monday, September 11, 2006

St. Raphael of Brooklyn

"Rejoice, O Father Raphael, Adornment of the Holy Church! Thou art Champion of the true Faith, Seeker of the lost, Consolation of the oppressed, Father to orphans, and Friend of the poor, Peacemaker and Good Shepherd, Joy of all the Orthodox, Son of Antioch, Boast of America: Intercede with Christ God for us and for all who honor thee." - Troparion of St. Raphael

"Today the memory of blessed Raphael hath shone on us; For having received Christ’s call, he faithfully took up his cross and followed Him becoming a fisher of men. Let us cry aloud to him saying: Rejoice O Father Raphael!" - Kontakion of Saint Raphael

During the past few weeks I spent some time at the Antiochian Village Conference and Retreat Center in Ligonier, PA with my fellow seminarians from the Antiochian Orthodox Archdiocese of North America. The event at Antiochian Village provided me with a great opportunity for theological training and fellowship with seminarians, clergy, and lay people from around the country.

While staying the Village I visited the place where the body of St. Raphael of Brooklyn, the Shepherd of the Lost Sheep of America, is buried.

You can read about St. Raphael of Brooklyn on the Antiochian Village website. More photos of St. Raphael are available at

Copyright © 2006 by Dana S. Kees. Photo of St. Raphael: public domain.