Thursday, January 25, 2007

Americans Finding the Ancient Way

The press has written several good articles on the Orthodox Church lately. USA Today printed the article "More Americans Join Orthodox Christian Churches" on January 11, 2007. More recently, on January 21, 2007, The Detroit Free Press published an article entitled, "Ancient Ways Entice Detroit Christians." These are both good articles worth reading.

Some articles about Orthodoxy include what seem to me confusing statements about the history of the Orthodox Church. The Orthodox Church is the Church founded by Christ on the Apostles. It did not split from the Catholic Church or come out of the Catholic Church. (It is the "Catholic Church" by definition.) I understand that in an effort to limit the length of the articles and to avoid offending Roman Catholics, explaining the separation of the Church of Rome from the other Churches that together comprised the Orthodox Church a thousand years ago may be a task writers would rather avoid. I have no doubt they have good intentions. Those who really want to discover the ancient Orthodox Faith will have a chance to figure all that out anyway.

May we continue to receive favorable attention that helps people discover the secret every American should know. By our faithfulness and love, may we continue to reveal Christ through our lives to the people around us, thereby offering good reasons for receiving good press.