Monday, July 23, 2007

The Mouse, the Bee & Islamic TV

What if Mickey Mouse taught Islamic values? Well, if you lived in Palestine and watched Al-Aqsa TV you could find out by viewing Tomorrow’s Pioneers. This is not Sesame Street. Check out one of the latest efforts to turn innocent children into violent Islamic Radicals. Watch an episode with Farfour the Mouse. When Farfour the Mouse is killed, his cousin, Nahoul the Bee replaces him. (Nahoul, more dangerous than an Africanized honeybee.)

These three episodes are compliments of the Middle East Media Review Institute (MEMRI), well respected for their translation of Arabic language sources into English.

The Tomorrow’s Pioneers show inspires me. (Please, let me explain....) If some people in the world are putting so much effort into corrupting young minds and inciting the innocent to commit murder (which often includes suicide), how much more should Orthodox Christians zealously teach their children the values of love, beauty, and peace. How can we creatively communicate to our little ones the importance of praying for our enemies, doing good even to those who hate us, and helping our neighbors, who include those not like us. Additionally, how much effort should we spend to educate parents in these values so they can pass them on to their children?

Let us teach out kids about the real Martyrs who shed only their own blood when faced with persecution.

Zeal is good when guided my Truth. Misplaced zeal is self-destructive and dangerous to others. May we neither neglect our children nor teach them the way of destruction (by word or by example), but spiritually nurture them in the way of the Saints.

(The image of the TV from Wikipedia is in the public domain.)