Friday, July 25, 2008

Historical Manuscripts

For a look at interesting historical manuscripts, visit the "Turning the Pages" section of the British Library website. Each page of the manuscript displayed online includes audio commentary with text (if you click the appropriate buttons). Manuscripts include an atlas of Europe (1570), Mozart's music, a 16th-century anatomy book, sketches by Da Vinci, literary manuscripts, and more.

The manuscript of the Lindisfarne Gospels (listed as "Pinnacle of Anglo-Saxon Art") is particularly relevant to Orthodox Christians since it was produced when Britain was still an Orthodox land. For a related article, read my previous post on Ancient Manuscripts from the British Isles.

To see an even more ancient book, visit the website of the Codex Sinaiticus and learn about the significance of this biblical manuscript.

To view more manuscripts, explore the Schoyen Collection.

You may also enjoy reading an article on the history of the book (codex), entitled "The Coming of the Codex" from the University of Edinburgh's Centre for the History of the Book.