Sunday, January 01, 2006

Resources: Daily Readings for Spiritual Nourishment

The Holy Scripture is central to the Orthodox Christian way of life. Through the Scripture, God speaks to all of us as the Church and also to each one of us individually. (I recommend the artcle, "How to Read the Bible," by Bishop Kallistos Ware, available on The Church has given us special Scripture readings for each day of the year to spiritually nourish our souls. In addition to reading the Holy Scripture, we have an opportunity every day to commemorate particular Saints of the Church or significant events in our spiritual history.

I use a free program, available on the internet, called Menologion 2.0. It displays the Saint or event commemorated for the day, the Scripture reading, special songs dedicated to the Saint or event (troparia & kontakia), and at least one icon pertaining to the day. The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia maintains a helpful list of Saints with information on their lives. The Orthodox Church of America (with Russian roots) website contains daily Scripture readings, stories of the Saints' lives, a special section on the Saints of North America, a calendar listing the commemorations for each day, and articles on the formal recognition of a departed holy person as a Saint in the Church.

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