Sunday, January 15, 2006

The River of Fire

The River of Fire (Copyright © 1980 by the St. Nectarios Press) is a discourse delivered by Alexandre Kalomiros in 1980. The complete text is available online at the St. Nectarios Press website. The River of Fire describes who the true and living God really is: infinitely good, loving, kind, and merciful. The brief text addresses the presence of evil and death in the world, the difference between how Orthodox Christians and pagans view the creation, and the existence of heaven and hell. The River of Fire is a great resource for helping one understand our relationship with God and the path of salvation that leads to Paradise. (The text includes valuable notes with great primary source material.)

In addition to the St. Nectarios Press website, I have also found the text on Silouan, a personal website.

Copyright © 2006 by Dana S. Kees. Photo copyright © 2006 by Dana S. Kees.